Driver's Mate launches with 90-second training videos

George Barrow
January 29, 2021

DriveTech has launched a new 90-second driver training app to help encourage better driver behaviours.

The Driver’s Mate is a series of videos designed to remind drivers of their moral and legal obligations just before getting behind the wheel, The 90-second videos champion and reinforce on-road safety practices in what the company describe as “an innovative new way of communicating safety with professional drivers”.

Designed to refresh driver awareness as well as teach and encourage a change in behaviour and attitude, the videos cover compliance, driver behaviour and cost savings with hundreds of episode having been developed.

Specifically targeted at commercial vehicle drivers, DriveTech hopes to with fleet managers to evaluate driver needs and provide a suite of videos that suit the exact requirements of the company.

Leo Taylor, head of product solutions at DriveTech, said: “After spending time evaluating training programmes with our customers, it became clear that there is a role for us to support businesses in communicating safety practices on a more ongoing ‘little and often’ basis. We know that reinforcing and reminding of policies and procedures works but this needs to be in an engaging and manageable way for the business and drivers. This led us to create ‘Driver’s Mate’, which is an informal, effective way of keeping fleets up-to-date with their training in just 90-seconds.”

Taylor continued: “With DriveTech’s depth of driver risk and driver training experience, we have developed hundreds of episodes, meaning that drivers could be prompted with nudge reminders almost daily.”

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