Edbro releases new range of cylinders for ejector trailers

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May 15, 2019

Edbro, vehicle-mounted hydraulic systems specialist, has released its new double acting CD cylinder range.

Designed specifically to make the use of ejector trailers safer and more efficient, the new cylinder is an all-new design of double acting telescopic cylinders which, unlike most, do not rely on gravity to retract.

The CD cylinder is able to both push and pull using hydraulics, with the design borrowing technology from Edbro’s C-series of tipping cylinders. Key features of the new cylinders include being available at any measurement up to 1.5 metres, push forces reaching 80 tonnes and corrosion-resistant chrome plating as standard.

Edbro’s RK range will be replaced by the new cylinders which are 60kg lighter than its predecessor and requires less working oil volume and an increase in stop contact faces, allowing for faster pump flows to reduce the cycle time of the cylinder.

The company’s other design concepts have been applied to the CD series, like the C-Series’ compact cylinder head which has led the load carrying volume of trailers to increase due to increased optimisation of the installed mounting centre.

The CD cylinder will be manufactured in Edbro’s European manufacturing plant in Bolton.

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