Five-year-old Jamie-Luke Waite shows his support for truck drivers from a motorway bridge

Will Shiers
April 27, 2020

Truck-mad Jamie-Luke Waite is proving to be a bit hit with HGV drivers, after taking residence on a motorway bridge over the M62.

For the past week the 5-year-old has been displaying a homemade banner, showing his support for passing HGV drivers.

“His dad asked him if he wanted to go up to the motorway bridge and wave at some truck drivers,” said his mother Vicky Waite. “It was only supposed to be a one-off, but he loved it so much. So his dad (pictured with Jamie-Luke above) wrote him a sign, and it’s just gone mental from there. His Facebook page has more than 400 followers, he's trended on Twitter, he's had banners donated, and he's got merchandise coming left, right and centre.”

Vicky said the reaction from passing drivers is fantastic, with plenty of waving, flashing lights and horn honking. “It’s like he’s got himself a second family,” she said proudly.

Neither of Jamie-Luke’s parents are truck drivers themselves, but both appreciate the hard work that HGV drivers do, especially during these trying times. “Jamie does the NHS clap, he has a rainbow in his bedroom window, a sign on the bin to thank the bin men, and he wanted to do something for truck drivers too, as it’s an industry that’s forgotten,” explained Vicky. “They don’t get appreciated, and they have it even harder than usual at the moment.”

Commercial Motor will be sending Jamie-Luke some complimentary family tickets for the Convoy in the Park Show at Donington Park on 22-23 August.

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