Flogas Britain increases efficiency by replacing 3.5-tonne vans with 5.5-tonne Isuzu trucks

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January 11, 2022

Flogas Britain, a national supplier of LPG, says its decision to replace 3.5-tonne vans with 5.5-tonne trucks, will improve its efficiency and drive down it carbon footprint.

Commenting on the 28 new Isuzu N55.150(N) 5.5-tonne narrow-bodied trucks, which are fitted with narrow aluminium cylinder bodies manufactured by Massey Truck Engineering, Jackie Banks, head of fleet, Flogas Britain, says:  “Our previous cylinder fleet had a high proportion of small footprint 3.5-tonne vehicles to deliver small loads into remote areas requiring narrow access. However, these vehicles presented challenges with payload, which impacted on their overall effectiveness and efficiency.

“After trialling the 5.5-tonne narrow bodied Isuzu N55 model in 2020, their performance was met with positive reviews from our driving teams and in addition, we were able to realise a significant increase in vehicle efficiency due to the increased payload.”

Flogas Britain operates a fleet of over 450 trucks from 60 depots nationwide.

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