Ford Trucks continues its expansion in Western Europe

Will Shiers
March 10, 2021

Ford Trucks is continuing its expansion across Western Europe, having opened a dealership in Belgium.

Commenting on the selection of Belgian dealer Herman Noyens Trucks NV as its official distributor, Ford Trucks vice president Serhan Turfan said: “Pursuing on our ambitious targets, our priority is to set up a strong Ford Trucks footprint in Europe with our solid product portfolio, good dealer network and wide service coverage with high competency. We aim to create value with the most efficient transportation solutions and competitive total cost of ownership proposal.” He revealed that Ford expects to have 5% market share in Belgium in the short term

Over the past two years the Turkish truck maker has opened sites in Spain, Portugal and Italy, and sources suggest that France and Germany could follow shortly. But it has no immediate plans to produce a right-hand-drive version of its F-MAX (pictured) for the UK market.

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