FPT unveils next gen of Cursor engines

Colin Barnett
September 26, 2022

FPT unveiled the next generation of its Cursor engine family, the XC13, the replacement for the Cursor 13 units to be found in the top power Iveco range. The XC13, clearly identifiable by its large red X logo on the cam cover, is FPT’s first engine purpose-built to run on a range of different fuels, including diesel, gas and one day hydrogen. It offers more power, lower emissions ready for Euro-7, and less weight.

In diesel form, it now develops a maximum of 600hp and 2,850Nm, with CO2 emissions reduced by 9%, while thanks to use of CGI (compacted graphite iron) in the construction of the cylinder head and block, it is 100kg (10%) lighter. It features a new fuel-injection system, giving higher peak cylinder pressure, reduced friction and down-speeding of power output. A new divided-flow turbocharger, said to be unique, and smart management of auxiliary equipment, also contribute to the increased efficiency.

The methane version, an area where Iveco is already a significant player, will now be available with outputs up to 520hp and 2,500Nm, with a 10% CO2 reduction on methane, and is 80kg lighter.

Secondary braking power is also up to 530kW at 2,300rpm on the diesel, and most significantly 245kW at 2,300rpm, an increase of 300%, on the gas version.

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