From the Frontline: Truck driver Andrew Willimott hasn’t seen his wife for six weeks because of the COVID-19 outbreak

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April 17, 2020

A truck driver has not been able to see his carer wife for more than a month and a half as they are keeping apart due to the coronavirus pandemic, writes Andy Crick.

Andrew Willimott is travelling 1,800 miles a week, delivering everything from food to Amazon orders, while fellow key-worker wife Shirley shops and looks after vulnerable people.

The couple decided not to cross paths so as to avoid putting the OAPs Shirley looks after at risk.

“I go home every two weeks to do paperwork, but I don’t see my wife,” said Andrew. “When I came home last my wife knew when I was due back and went out shopping. When I left she came back and then wiped down all the surfaces that I had been near. It is difficult, but we have to look at the bigger picture.”

Owner driver Andrew, who trades as 66 Logistics, runs a former F1 McLaren team Volvo FH. He added: “Truck drivers are most at risk because we are going everywhere. My wife does the shopping for about six people in the village where we live. She doesn’t want me to put them at risk. Although I speak to her on the phone every day, she is a bit of a technophobe, so we can’t do video calls. I think we are going to have another six weeks of this until I can see her again.”

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