Giti addresses high-cube trailer tyre demand

Steve Hobson
April 24, 2018


Increasing demand from high-cube trailer fleets to maximise the internal load height of up to 3m height within the maximum vehicle height of 4m allowed on the continent led to the development of the Giti GTL925 high-cube trailer pattern in size 445/45R19.5, and this is the centrepiece of Giti Tire’s stand, 4G60.

Also available also in 435/50R19.5, both tyres carry a load index of 160 and speed index J, and are M&S marked to indicate superior all-season traction and braking properties. A seven-rib tread pattern ensures regular wear, while its B label rating for rolling resistance indicates its good fuel economy.

In total, more than 20 Giti tyres are on display, with the stand split into a number of core areas including combi-road, long-haul, regional, mixed service, urban and winter. 

This year’s CV Show is the second since Giti Tire rebranded its extensive truck tyre range to Giti from GT Radial. 

The rebrand has seen conversions of existing patterns from GT Radial, many of which have increased load index ratings or three-peak-mountain with snowflake (3PMSF) winter accreditation, and the introduction of tyres from around the world that have been certified for use in the EU.

Tony McHugh, TBR sales and marketing director UK at Giti Tire, said: “The CV Show 2018 is an exceptional event for the UK operation, where over the past 12 months the Giti name has become readily accepted and hugely respected by fleets across the country.

“The GTL925 has become one of our premium sellers, and is being introduced to potential users who can see first hand our exciting product range, exceptional customer support and value-added services.” 

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