Giti Genesis at the CV Show 2017

Colin Barnett
April 25, 2017


Giti Tire’s stand features new products and a new name, as the previous GT Radial brand is replaced by Giti Genesis in the truck and bus market. 

Details of six new tyres were announced ahead of the show, all having their winter credentials marked by either M&S or three-peak mountain snowflake symbols. 

In the 22.5in diameter range, there are four new patterns: the GDR655 combi-road drive; the GT867 all-position urban; the GAM837 all-position; and the GAM851 mixed service trailer. 

The GDR638 regional drive pattern is available in 17.5in and 19.5in diameters, as is the GDR638 regional drive pattern, the latter also available in 22.5in. 

Many of the existing GT Radials patterns have been updated with improved load index, performance label results or winter accreditation. 

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