Goldhofer STZ-VP 2 low-loader for Potteries Heavy Haulage

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August 29, 2017

Potteries Heavy Haulage has added a Goldhofer STZ-VP 2 wafer deck low-loader to its trailer fleet.

The Stoke-based company specified the trailer with a fifth wheel load of 23 tonnes, and a 22cm-deep extendable low-profile deck with outer beams. The floor is able to be used as a flatbed or vessel deck.

It also has extra coupling points to take more beams and increase the overall lower-deck length, as well as a deep and wide excavator/vessel recess in the rear bogie. The hydraulic gooseneck is fabricated with outer beams, so when transporting boats the bow can be positioned further forward.

Its bogie is Goldhofer's two axle pendular axle bogie with a loading height of 1,100mm. According to Goldhofer, construction site access is never a problem due to a suspension stroke of up to 600 mm and a maximum steering angle of 60 degrees.

Potteries Heavy Haulage operations manager Rob Powell said: “Apart from the usual cargoes like pressure vessels, generator sets, structural components and machines, we also transport industrial plant. Our transport portfolio includes boats and construction machines such as excavators and cranes.

"In the light of this extensive range of haulage services, the STZ-VP 2 is the perfect answer to our need for an almost universal low-loader. We also benefit from the high payloads made possible by the low deadweight and from the high standard of vehicle safety and good tracking performance."

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