Goodyear launches new second generation KMAX trailer tyre

George Barrow
June 2, 2020

Goodyear has added to its range of KMAX tyres with the addition of a new trailer tyre. The KMAX T GEN-2 trailer tyre has been designed for regional fleets and promises greater mileage and a longer life.

The full winter rated tyre has RFID connectivity and replaces the KMAX T as the second generation of trailer tyre for the range. It is available in four sizes, with four 22.5-inch options and one 19.5-inch tyre.

There’s also a 385.65R22.5 High Load version which meets the strictest European legal requirements for winter driving.

“The KMAX T GEN-2 range offers important benefits to inter-regional and regional fleets, in particular those operating under changing load levels or traveling to regions with varying weather conditions. Since the launch of this new range we see leading fleets updating their trailer policies to include the latest generation of 3PMSF homologated winter tyres. In addition, the range offers enhanced mileage, connectivity and optimal performance levels during the service life.” said Maciej Szymanski, Goodyear director of marketing commercial tyres for Europe.

The tyre has been designed with new treads in 5, 6 or 7 ribs to increased mileage under severe conditions. It also has deep sipes which are still visible even at 75% wear. Intellimax Groove Technology means the tyre has a teardrop-shaped bottom blade design to avoid groove cracking in high friction trailer applications, while the compound has been designed for low rolling resistance and get a B-rating. They also have a B or C rating for wet grip, depending on size.

The new trailer tyres are regroovable allowing fleets to further improve their total cost of ownership with the Goodyear’s TreadMax moldcure retreading process.


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