Hankook launches first range of tyres for BEV trucks

Will Shiers
November 22, 2023

Premium tyre manufacturer Hankook is currently the only company to offer tyres designed specifically for electric trucks.

Commenting on the launch of the new e-smart tyre, which Hankook launched at Lyon, Guy Heywood, Hankook's vice president of sales, marketing and business strategy, said: "If you look around this show you'll see loads of EVs, and they're all on internal combustion engine tyres. We recognise that the demands of an EV are significantly different to an ICE vehicle in terms of weight, torque, noise and rolling resistance requirements." He explained that if you put an ICE tyre on an EV, you'll get rapid tyre wear in the order of 20% over a tyre that's designed specifically for EVs. Heywood said this is of particular relevance to reducing TRWP (tyre and road wear particles).

The e-smart goes into production in the second quarter of 2024, and will be offered in a full range of sizes for drive and steer axles. 

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