Hannover 2016: Daf shows off its energy recovery technology

Colin Barnett
September 22, 2016


The Daf stand at the IAA CV Show in Hannover featured one of its fleet of advanced energy recovery technology prototype trucks.

The XF shown is a test bed for a diesel/electric hybrid system, centred on a motor-generator mounted between the regular MX11 engine and the ZF Traxon gearbox.

The primary call on the resultant regenerative energy stored is to power the engine and cab ancillary equipment, but it can also be used to drive the truck for 3 to 5km at normal speed for the final urban part of its delivery cycle, producing zero local emissions and noise.

Daf's director of product development, Ron Boorsboom, also explained that keeping the storage batteries topped up during cruising is wasteful, so the stored current can be used to assist open road driving.

Other prototypes on Daf's fleet are trialling methods of waste heat recovery systems, reclaiming energy from lubricant, coolant and exhaust heat.

They are part of the EU's COnVENienT programme, which stands for Complete Vehicle Energy-saving Technologies, a consortium comprising numerous truck manufacturers and component suppliers.

The XF's extended nose panels are predictors of the anticipated 500mm extended length proposals which are expected to become law once various parts of the European legislature agree on the specification.

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