Hiab launches the Moffett E5 NX, an all-wheel-drive electric truck-mounted forklift

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January 24, 2022

Hiab has launched the Moffett E5 NX, the world’s first electric truck-mounted forklift with a moving mast, and the third model in its electric line-up.

It is equipped with all-wheel-drive and four-way steering, making it manoeuvrable and ideal for operation in confined spaces.

“As the Moffett E5 NX is all-electric, it operates quietly and is emission-free, which makes it the ideal choice for customers operating in low emission zones and places where noise is a concern – like residential areas, outside normal working hours,” explained Jann Hansen, vice president, sales & product management, truck mounted forklifts, Hiab. “However, it delivers the same performance as the Moffett M5 model that runs on diesel, but with lower service needs as it has fewer moving parts.”

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