IAA 2018: Scania talks "street-smart, moneymaking machine"

George Barrow
September 26, 2018

As the premium brand of the soon to IPO Traton Group (formerly Volkswagen Truck & Bus) Scania said that its future would revolve around a commitment to sustainable transport – via multiple fuel options – and an increasing commitment to “street-smart” vehicles for urban distribution.

Speaking at IAA in Hannover Henrik Henriksson, president and CEO of Scania, said that the group had its “strongest and broadest product range ever” and was exceeding fuel saving expectations with customers.

“Scania is taking a firm stance to drive the shift to sustainability,” he said. “We are starting to see now that diesel is the alternative. We will continue to present more products and services to drive this forward.”

“This is a very proud week for the Traton Group,” he added. Traton – which comprised Scania, MAN and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles - revealed on the eve of the show that, depending on market conditions, it would seek an IPO by the end of the year. “We will be premium and lead the shift to sustainable transport solutions. Sustainability and profitability go hand-in-hand.”

Looking across the range Henriksson singled out its XT construction models, which were launched last September, and the L-Series – its low entry cab series for urban distribution that was launched last December -for “strengthening [Scania’s] position.

Scania had a plug-in hybrid electric on display, alongside a hybrid electric, available with the L-series, as well as P- and G-series. The plug-in option means that the truck can always begin its journey fully charged - adding 22kW of power takes 20 minutes  and the vehicle will have a range of 10km on electric only.

Christian Levin, executive vice-president of sales and marketing at Scania, said it was “opening the order books today” on hybrids: “Of course it is more expensive, with two power lines, but his is a short-term, street-smart, moneymaking machine for our customers.”

Levin said that with the plug-in hybrid able to run on electric for the first 10kms it made the offer “more efficient for inner city transport” and “very appealing offer for any city distribution customer”.

Also on show was an L-Series cab with the Scania CL20N city door (pictured), more commonly referred to as the “bus door” as it brings in technology from its bus range. The sliding door is electrically driven, allowing for quick access. Levin said the use of this technology on the L-Series “improves safety on cities with narrow streets, especially on refuse applications”.

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