Iveco completes renewed heavy line-up with new T-WAY range

Colin Barnett
April 28, 2021

Following the well-received arrival of the Iveco S-Way, even it was a rather drawn-out affair in the UK, the final stage of the company's heavy product revitalisation is with us. This time, the construction sector gets the attention with the launch of the heavy-duty T-WAY, the successor to the Trakker before that, and the tougher sibling to the highway-biased X-WAY range.

The T-WAY, the T standing for tough, was launched in an elaborate live online event, with the message “This truck wants to be treated bad - really bad”. We hope the warranty administrators have been told.

The T-WAY is available with a comprehensive choice of chassis and driveline variants, including two- and three-axle tractors and two-, three- and four-axle rigids. It comes with a range of axle drive options, including the HI-TRACTION hydrostatic front axle drive system on 6x4 tractors and rigids.

Engines are the Cursor 13, with ratings now up to 510hp, 10hp more than on the Trakker, with the option of the Cursor 9 for weight-critical applications. Transmission options are 12- and 16-speed versions of the HI-TRONIX (ZF TraXon) automated gearbox, with enhanced software for off-road mobility. These include Hill Holder, Rocking and Creep modes. A manual option is also said to be on the cards. On-road, the HI-CRUISE system include predictive cruise control and eco-roll functions with improved algorithms. Uprated PTO systems now incorporate a new high-performance sandwich unit producing up to 2,300Nm of torque.

Despite its 10mm chassis rails, nine-tonne front axles and hub-reduction drive axles, now with disc brakes, Iveco claims a 325kg weight reduction compared with the Trakker, largely thanks to a new single-piece tandem axle support casting. Available cabs are AD short cab, and the longer AT cab in standard and high-roof versions. New wheelbase options of 4,000mm, 4,200mm and 4,500mm join the line-up.

The full package of connectivity solutions already seen on the S-WAY and X-WAY will be available. There’s no specific information on pricing yet, but claims of 15% lower total cost of ownership compared with the Trakker were quoted. Orders for Euro-6 models are being taken now, although production of Euro-3 and Euro-5 examples for global markets won’t begin until the end of the year.

Iveco Truck Business Unit chief operating officer Luca Sra said “Today we open a new chapter in Iveco’s extraordinary off-road history with the launch of the Iveco T-WAY, heir to the throne of the TRAKKER as the ‘strongest of the heaviest’. This extra-strong vehicle, a true champion of performance, sturdiness and durability, will further consolidate Iveco’s presence in the heavy off-road sector. The Iveco T-WAY completes the renewal of our heavy Iveco WAY range, which is now one of the freshest, richest and most innovative on the market.”

Brand president Thomas Hilse added “We have shaken up the industry with the on-road Iveco S-WAY. Today, we are doing it again in the off-road sector. We are about to take trucking into the future in this segment too, and the future is now, with the Iveco T-WAY. We designed the Iveco T-WAY with the ambition to set new standards in robustness, reliability, efficiency, handling, bodyfitting, flexibility and connected services – and design, a ‘must’ for an Italian brand. The name says it all: T for Tough!”

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