James Booth (Bolton) fits TISS TankSafe Optimum fuel security and safety device to entire fleet

Will Shiers
September 26, 2019

Tipper operator James Booth (Bolton) is in the process of fitting TISS’s TankSafe Optimum fuel security and safety device to the entire fleet, having taken advantage of the fuel security specialist’s free tank inspection service.

“Some of the trucks had Volvo’s anti-syphoning device fitted,” says fifth generation haulier Sarah Booth.

"I didn’t realise how much fuel could be accessed, and what the potential cost to us could be” says Booth.

TISS MD Katherine Wholey says: “Like Sarah, most people think they have full protection with an anti-syphoning device. The reality is that after a typical truck tank has been filled to the brim, up to 50 litres of fuel can still be accessed with a regular anti-syphoning device in place. That’s enough to run a car for a week. Hauliers don’t know if skimming is taking place. It might just be a few litres here and there, and they’re oblivious. Sadly, there are some drivers who think it’s their right to steal fuel – a perk of the job, their unspoken bonus.”

“If I was going to take some fuel, and there were two trucks parked up, one with an anti-syphoning device and one without, I know which one I would choose." says Booth. "It’s the same with burglaries. Thieves don’t want the headache of alarms and cameras, so would choose next door if it doesn’t have any security features.”

Discover more about how James Booth (Bolton) have used TISS' technology below in the latest episode of A Week in Trucks.

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