Krone trailers beat rigids on manoeuvrability

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June 11, 2024

FCL Event Logistics has added three Krone dry liner box trailers to its fleet.

The events logistics specialist provides transport and warehousing service for conferences, music festivals, film production and events in the UK and Europe. To meet demand, FCL has taken delivery of two Mega Dry Liners and a City Liner to service venues with restricted access. 

Logistics manager, Martin Cowie, said: “The City Liner is an articulated single axle rear-steer and even more manoeuvrable than a rigid. Plus, when we took into account the much higher price of any similar sized rigid vehicle along with the City Liner’s ability to double up as a store between shows, the choice was an easy one to make.”

The City Liner (pictured) is 4m tall and has an internal load height of 2.765m and load length of 11m. The trailer is equipped with a cantilever tail lift with a 2-tonne capacity which can be foot-operated or via remote control. The tail lift has a 2.52m by 2.5m aluminium platform and creates a secondary level of security when closed instead of conventional barn or shutter doors. The city liner has multiple transverse lock rods and a sidewall strip for forklift protection. The 30mm phenolic plywood floor is tested to 5.5 tonnes and internal lighting is provided by four ceiling-mounted Krone LEDs.

The Mega Dry Liners have a similar specification and container-type rear doors with integral lock rods and concealed handles for added security. Cowie said: “With an internal height of over 2.9m, 4m overall, and high security specification, the mega box vans are ideal for transporting and storing mixed, high value loads throughout Europe.”

The trailers have a 10-year warranty against rust through and all steel parts are powder coated. FCL’s three new trailers are also supported by Krone telematics. Cowie added: “As our business continues to expand, FCL and our customers in turn need to rely on the most versatile and reliable trailer equipment. In this regard, Krone continues to play a key role.”

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