Lawrence David will launch new trailer chassis in 2020

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December 2, 2019

Lawrence David will launch a new trailer chassis in January, built in Poland by new owner Wielton. It will be available in the same specifications as the previous SDC-supplied chassis.

Lawrence David will be the first UK-based manufacturer to use a KTL cathodic dip paint system during the build process, which will help extend the trailers’ lives.

The chassis will be constructed from a higher tensile British Steel and robotically welded which, the company says, reduces the margin for error versus hand-built methods.

Lawrence David’s marketing manager Joshua Barnard, said: “We are so confident that the new models will go the distance, we’re going to offer them with a 10-year factory warranty.”

Manufacturer repair and maintenance for the new models will be the same as before. Lawrence David will offer support networks throughout the UK and Europe, ensuring parts are available in case of faults or damages.

“Interest has been high so far. I can’t quote the exact amount of companies interested in the new trailer, but the phones have been ringing, which is definitely a good sign,” Barnard concluded.

For information on Lawrence David's new trailer chassis, click here.

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