Martin Oliver Transport takes delivery of the first MAN TGX Lion S

Will Shiers
July 4, 2021

Martin Oliver Transport and Warehousing is the first UK customer to take delivery of an MAN TGX Individual Lion S.

The range-topping 640hp 6x2 tractor was collected by truck racer Stuart Oliver (pictured) at this weekend’s Convoy on the Plain truck show, on behalf of son Michael, who runs the Hexham-based general haulage firm.

Commenting on the newcomer, which is the 10th MAN on the 16-strong fleet, Oliver said: “We fancied a flagship, and it looks fantastic! I’m sure driver Stuart Williams will be delighted. We already have six new MAN Truck Generation TGXs, and the drivers love them. The driving position is excellent, and I’m really impressed with the interiors. If you were to cover up the lion on the steering wheel, you wouldn’t know what the truck is, as absolutely nothing inside the cab is carried over from the previous model.”

Supplied by MAN Truck & Bus Gateshead, the Lion S will be coupled to a curtainsided trailer with Manitou forklift, and during the week will be used for collecting bails of cardboard from supermarkets and factories for recycling. However at the weekends it will be used to pull Oliver’s race truck and trailer.

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