Mercedes-Benz launches diesel-powered Actros L with aerodynamic ProCabin

Will Shiers
April 2, 2024


Mercedes-Benz has launched its latest Actros L, which it claims is up to 7% more fuel efficient than its predecessor. It features the aerodynamic ProCabin, which was first revealed during the world premiere of the battery-electric eActros 600 in October 2023.

The L is available in StreamSpace, BigSpace or GigaSpace guises. While Mercedes has hinted at plans to roll out a version of its slippery new cab for smaller models, for now it’s only available on trucks with 2.5m wide cabs and level floors.

The Actros L’s ProCabin is visually identical to that of the eActros 600. It makes use of the latest European regulations on masses and dimensions, and features an 80mm protrusion at the front of the cab. However, unlike DAF and Volvo, which have also extended the rears of their cabs, Mercedes is not offering the driver any additional living space. “It is not about length only, it is about the comfort that our drivers experience,” said Rainer Müller-Finkeldei, head of development at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, referring to several interior enhancements.

The most obvious styling feature of the ProCabin is its completely closed and rounded-off front bonnet. The designers have filled in gaps and spaces, so optimising airflow and reducing drag. Aerodynamic aids include a new roof spoiler, A-pillar deflector panels and rubber wheel arch fairings. There’s aerodynamic underbody paneling too, which directs air smoothly under the tractor, creating as little wind turbulence as possible. All Actros L’s will come with an Aero package as standard. In addition to the items described above, this also includes MirrorCam and coverings for the tractor’s wheels. These plastic infills are available on 315 70R 22.5s wheels, but nothing wider, so as not to exceed maximum permitted width limits.

Together, these aerodynamic enhancements improve the ProCabin’s drag coefficient by 9%, which equates to an improvement of up to 3% in fuel economy.

The Actros L has had a refresh inside the cab too, which is immediately apparent from the driver’s seat. As of April 2025, five months after production commences, it will receive the eActros 600’s Multimedia Cockpit Interactive 2. The digital instrument cluster directly ahead of the driver is brighter now, featuring more vibrant colours. Other interior enhancements include new seat covers, bunks with full slatted frames, additional USB C sockets and thicker curtains.

Mercedes’ claim of a 7% improvement in fuel economy is a little misleading. While 3% is down to the ProCabin’s enhanced aerodynamics, the other 4% comes from the latest OM 471 12.8-litre engine. However, this was launched in October 2022, so the saving is only achievable when compared with trucks manufactured prior to this. The Actros L is also available with the OM 470 and OM 473, and there have been no further changes to the driveline. 

The new Actros L will go into production in December 2024, with UK orders likely to commence in the summer.

Prices have yet to be confirmed, but a spokesman told Commercial Motor than the anticipated price increase will be counteracted by the improvement in fuel economy.

For more details on the new Mercedes Actros L, read the full story in this week’s Commercial Motor (on sale Thursday 4 April).

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