MirrorCam impresses Elddis Transport's MD

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October 25, 2019

Since taking delivery of five of the UK’s first Mercedes-Benz Actros 5 6x2 tractor units with MirrorCam, any apprehension that Elddis Transport’s MD had surrounding the camera system has vanished. That’s according to MD Nigel Cook whose company now has three 2545 450hp models, and two 476hp Actros 2548 variants, all of which have BigSpace cabs.

The differing models were ordered so that the firm can compare their efficiency and performance figures for future reference, as the 2545 has been Elddis’ favourite after more than 20 years of operating Mercedes trucks.

Cook, admitted that before the Actros arrived, he had “initial concerns about MirrorCam”, because he claimed that “it might be a hurdle for more traditionally-minded drivers”.

But having driven the latest incarnation of Actros at the launch event in Barcelona, and at events held in the UK, Cook was left “very impressed” by MirrorCam. “I quickly realised that it was not going to be a problem. The system is very easy to use and offers a much better view,” he said.

Inside, Elddis’ new Actros also get the new Multimedia Cockpit, while the latest versions of Mercedes’ Active Brake Assist 5 and Predictive Powertrain Control have also been specified.

Cook added that “the Multimedia Cockpit is beautifully finished and very intuitive. Along with other enhancements, it means the Actros leads the way in terms of technology.”

The new additions to Elddis’ fleet are “already working hard in a variety of roles” said Cook, including “high-mileage double-shift application”. He hopes that this will give “a good indication of their fuel performance” when looking at Mercedes replacements.

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