Mixed fuel approach for Iveco on Metallica Tour

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May 24, 2024

Iveco will support Metallica on the European stretch of its M72 World Tour. In partnership with Shell the vehicles will use a mix of low-emission fuels including natural gas, electric, renewable diesel and hydrogen. A fleet of Iveco vehicles will be used across nine stops in Europe to transport staff and equipment. The Metallica Tour fleet will include 10 Iveco S-Way natural gas trucks, five S-Ways powered by renewable diesel, two Iveco S-eWays, two S-Way LNG trucks, and an S-eWay Fuel Cell. 


Luca Sra, president, truck business unit, Iveco Group, said: “We are delighted to go ‘down the highway’ with the amazing Metallica. Our alternative propulsion vehicles powered with Shell’s low-carbon fuel solutions will contribute to reducing the band’s carbon footprint on the European dates of their M72 Tour. The multi-energy fleet, personalised with a special edition Metallica livery, will act as a powerful ambassador of sustainable transport as it travels on the roads across Europe and at the concert venues”.


A spokesperson for Metallica said: “When we first met with Iveco Group they illustrated their vision for this project and how they aim to change the future of transportation and carbon emissions. We immediately knew that Metallica’s goals aligned with theirs, and realised the huge potential of reducing CO2 emissions in heavy-duty transport vehicles. We’ll be launching our partnership in May of ‘24 when the M72 World Tour continues throughout Europe with IVECO's natural gas, electric and renewable-diesel powered vehicles moving our gear from city to city. Together we'll be able to contribute to Iveco Group’s pledge of reaching net zero carbon emissions by the year 2040. How incredible for us to be part of that!”


Janine Albrecht-Webb, Shell general manager commercial road transport Europe, said: “Shell has been collaborating with IVECO to help lower life cycle transport emissions, aiming to provide low- carbon fuels, such as Shell BioLNG and Shell Renewable Diesel. For example, Shell BioLNG offers a 100% reduction in CO2e life-cycle emissions to dedicated loyal customers, compared to B7 diesel."


Later this year, Iveco will launch a limited run of 72 Metallica-themed trucks. In conjunction with the tour, Iveco is running a competition for drivers to submit videos of themselves performing to Metallica music for a chance to win prizes and concert tickets. The My Metallica Truck, is a social media campaign to promote driver visibility, offering fans personalised Metallica-themed backgrounds for pictures. 

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