New ADR tanker for Quest Waste Management

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June 17, 2024

Due to a rise in demand, Quest Waste Management has added a new 30,000-litre articulated ADR tanker to its fleet. After being unveiled at the Road Transport Expo earlier this month, the tanker will now be put to work behind a Scania R-series moving hazardous and dangerous liquids. 

The tanker was manufactured by Yorkshire-based RTN Clayton Vallely. It’s made from 316 stainless steel with a 5mm shell and features a Pyrex sight glass. Waste ADR products that come under compatibility classes 3, 6, 8, and 9 can be transported in this tank, complying with tank code L4AH.

Managing director, Clive Leadbetter, said: “At Quest, we consistently invest to remain adaptable to our customers’ needs. This latest addition, the ADR vacuum tanker, is designed for transporting a diverse array of substances such as acids, alkalis and flammable products. This ensures our capability to meet any job requirements our customers may have.

 “In line with our commitment to workplace safety, the tanker is equipped with a fully enclosed double handrail and is designed for ground-level operation, ensuring the highest level of operator safety.” 

 The trailer has a full hydraulic opening rear door and full width platform with pneumatic handrails. 

 Leadbetter, added: “We are pleased to have taken delivery of this specialised ADR tanker as our bulk logistics fleet continues to grow. The new ADR tanker will enable us to diversify our product range and handle a wide variety of substances such as acids, alkalis and flammable products.

“We are dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service and dependable solutions. The introduction of our new ADR tanker demonstrates this commitment. We eagerly anticipate continuing to serve customers with the same level of dedication and excellence that they have come to expect from us.”

 Quest Waste is headquartered in Ossett, West Yorkshire with depots dotted across the UK. The company specialised in infrastructure, maintenance, and wet waste services.

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