New height-adjustable trailer from Don-Bur

Colin Barnett
April 29, 2020

Don-Bur has launched a new trailer design which provides its tri-axle Lifting Deck trailer with an expanding roof facility for the first time. The new trailer, the first example being supplied to a well-known parcel carrier, provides a 7.8% increase in headroom for workers during loading, while still be able to travel with an overall height of 4.5m. Being 350mm lower than a conventional double-decker, the aerodynamic improvement is expected to provide a 5% fuel saving.

The key to the trailer’s flexibility, the innovative roof raising and clamping mechanism, is the subject of a patent application.

While not suitable for every application, it should appeal to operators with lower profile pallets and cages, or loose loads. It should also provide benefits to operators switching between the UK and Northern Ireland, with its 4.65m height restriction.

Don-Bur chairman David Burton said “This development was in response to a customer need as many of our innovations are. We were very proud to deliver a unique, simple and robust mechanism that gives the client greater flexibility, improved safety, enhanced aerodynamics and optimum value.”

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Colin Barnett

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