New kingpin diagnoses itself

Commercial Motor
February 15, 2023

The new Smart Kingpin from Anstee Indication Systems claims to be the world’s first self-checking kingpin, able to detect when it has reached pre-specified wear limits or has developed cracks or other failure. When such events are detected, an alert is given by means of a trailer-mounted warning light or via the trailer’s on-board telematics system. 
The Smart Kingpin is initially available for the normal 2" 162kN application, with extreme-duty 2” and 3.5” versions on the way. A range of backing plates in thicknesses from 8mm to 16mm are available. The product is suitable for fitting to new trailers at the point of build, or for retro-fitting.
The managing director of Anstee Indication Systems, Craig Anstee, said: “The ais Smart Kingpin gives owners and drivers peace of mind that the kingpin is in a safe and legal condition. We feel this is important because the monitoring of kingpins is a time consuming and onerous task that is open to neglection and human error. Monitoring kingpin condition not only demonstrates social responsibility by mitigating haulage risk but helps improve fleet performance to reduce the cost of premature part replacement.”

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