New Kogel tipping trailer with extra drive

Colin Barnett
February 22, 2019

Kogel is to launch a tipping trailer as a follow on from its curtainsider, the Kögel Trucker Trailer which was launched at last year’s IAA Show in Hannover. The German manufacturer has applied the same principles to its tipping trailers as it did the curtainsider, with a great deal of driver consultation in the design process.

The result is the Kögel Trucker Tipper (KTT) (pictured), which claims a high degree of user friendliness and improved payload thanks to an increased use of aluminium. Although on the launch trailer, the floor is made of 4mm Hardox 450 steel, the sides and headboard are aluminium, 5mm and 7mm respectively, saving up to 430kg compared with 4mm steel.

The KTT’s major advantage, though, is the option of an SAF TRAK axle, which has hydraulic drive motors fitted within its hubs and powered from the existing hydraulic tipping system, providing extra traction on steep slopes and uneven terrain. To eliminate the need for any external chutes, the trailer has a 170mm longer rear overhang than previous models, while the tailboard catches have a self-cleaning design to prevent fouling and stone jamming. The KTT is also available with the Kögel Luxima LED rear light system, which incorporates reverse monitoring in the light units.

While the launch trailer is equipped with aluminium wheels and fuel tanks, Kögel acknowledged that at a minimum of 5,520kg unladen, the 24cu m KTT might be too heavy for many payload-conscious UK operators, but for those with different priorities it may be an appealing proposition.

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