New range of on/off road tyres introduced by Goodyear

Colin Barnett
January 18, 2019

Goodyear has launched a range of tyres targeted at the on/off highway market. The Omnitrac, available in S (steer-axle) and D (drive-axle) versions comes with a guarantee against accidental damage and acceptability for retreading.

The tyres incorporate Durashield, a patented non-metallic protection band below the tread. This gives increased resistance to stone penetration and corrosion. The tread has been designed to quickly eject stones and gravel.

The underlying philosophy is that mixed-use tyres now spend a higher proportion of time on-highway and better site conditions, but still need good levels of grip on soil and gravel while delivering good on-road performance, service life and fuel economy. Target applications include construction, recycling, forestry and agriculture.

The Omnitrac S has a five-rib design with a uniform ground pressure across the tread, said to improve mileage and grip. The grip is beneficial on vehicles with hydraulically operated front-wheel-drive systems. The Omnitrac D has a directional tread pattern and meets the “three-peak snowflake” standard for winter use. Tyre life and fuel economy are said to be improved compared with previous products, after 90 million km of testing. In-service tyre management is aided by the inclusion of an embedded RFID chip in all 22.5” versions.


Omnitrac S           Omnitrac D

13R22.5               13R22.5

295/80R22.5        295/80R22.5

315/70R22.5        315/70R22.5

315/80R22.5        315/80R22.5


325/95R24 (all position)        

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