New Scania XTs for safety conscious tipper operator McGee

Will Shiers
February 5, 2019

FORS gold operator McGee has taken delivery of six new Scania P410 XT tippers, and has a further 14 tippers, skip-loaders and plant trucks on order.

The Thompsons-bodied 8-leggers are fitted with a variety of safety features, including a new side strobe indicator system. Designed in partnership with Nottingham Trent University, and fitted by Thompsons, the system helps to alert vulnerable road users to turning vehicles.

John McGee, director at the Wembley operator, said: “We continue to invest a lot of time and resource in our commitment to safety, environmental impact and efficient fleet management. The side indicator is an exciting innovation and another step in our journey of continuous improvement to enhance road safety in London.”

Another innovative safety device fitted to the tippers is the company’s own traffic light weight indicator (above). A series of lights on the back of the truck notify machine operators when the maximum payload has been reached. Meanwhile, the driver is alerted to loading progress with an in-cab VPG Onboard Weighing display. As well as the safety benefits of never running over weight, there are efficiency gains too. The company has used this unique system for eight years.

All McGee drivers carry out a walk-around inspection every morning, using an app. It is one of 136 apps, designed by McGee, which helps with compliance records management.

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