Nikola One electric-truck unveiled

Colin Barnett
December 18, 2016


American truck manufacturer Nikola entered the market earlier this month with the launch of its Nikola One electric truck in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The tractor unit, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell charged by lithum-ion batteries, has a range of 800-1,200 miles.

Nikola said it expected to finalise the location of a production facility in the first half of 2017 and that it had received reservations worth almost $3bn (£2.4bn) at the time of the launch.

One of largest operators to pre-order the Nikola is USXpress, whose livery adorned the launch truck. US-Xpress CEO Max Fuller provided input to the design.

Nikola CEO Trevor Milton discussed plans to build a network of hydrogen refuelling stations across the US and Canada at the launch event.

He told attendees: “We are excited to finally show the Nikola One to the public. There are many out there who wondered if we would ever deliver, but today we proudly show the most advanced semi-truck ever built.”

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