Nikola Tre gets 100 orders from GP Joule

George Barrow
January 24, 2023

Energy solutions provider GP Joule has signed a letter of intent to order 100 heavy duty trucks from Nikola.

The Germany-based firm plans to take 100 units of the European spec Nikola Tre hydrogen fuell cell 6x2 tractor unit which is manufactured in a joint venture with Iveco Group.

Produced in Ulm, Germany, the intention is to take 30 of the trucks during 2024 with the remaining 70 vehicles set to arrive in 2025. However, the deal is contingent on GP Joule’s successful application for KsNI funding – a German program to support the acquisition of vehicles with alternative powertrains.

In addition, GP Joule and Iveco Group have agreed to market additional fuel cell EVs to customers in Europe with GP JOULE able to provide them with 100% green hydrogen via their hydrogen refuelling station network.

Michael Lohscheller, president and CEO, Nikola Corporation, said, “The order from GP Joule will be an example of how the Nikola Tre FCEV can further support commercial customers in Germany in their transition towards zero-emissions several years ahead of other OEMs, which helps to achieve the goal of decarbonising the transportation sector.”

Andre Steinau, MD of GP Joule Hydrogen added: “100% renewable energy for all, this is what drives us. Together with Nikola and IVECO, we offer our customers all the components for climate-neutral heavy-duty transport from a single source: from the production and purchase of green hydrogen to the hydrogen filling stations to the fuel cell trucks and service that meet their needs. This is the easy entry into emission-free freight transport.”

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