Perkins Distribution goes for Renault's Range T tractors

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December 9, 2019

Wednesbury-based Perkins Distribution has added six new Renault Range T460 6x2 tractors to its 25-vehicle fleet.
Supplied by Renault Truck Commercials’ Tipton dealership, the new Renaults have been specified with a convertible upper bunk, multimedia screen and refrigerator.
Perkins’ transport manager, Antonio Esposito, said the new trucks had gone down well: “Our drivers are happy with the vehicles’ safety, efficiency and comfort, as well as the all-important service back-up. They rack up a lot of miles, so the comfort seats are ideal, and they like the way the vehicles drive, commenting they are particularly smooth and comfortable for a commercial vehicle.”
Esposito explained that when the firm started its relationship with the manufacturer via the Premium, “Renault Trucks has been extremely supportive of Perkins, and since the introduction of the Range T in 2014 we haven’t looked back; they remain at the forefront of our vehicle supply”.
The Range Ts were also chosen because Perkins’ nearest Renault Trucks dealer “was less than a mile away from our base and it ticked all the boxes and more”.
The T460s have been supplied with Renault’s five year Start & Excellence Contract, which is the marque’s most extensive repair and maintenance contract.
“Having our vehicles on the Excellence Package means that we have total peace of mind that they are being maintained with genuine Renault parts. But also, we feel assured that there will be no surprises when it comes to repair costs,” said Esposito.
Perkins is set to take delivery of eight more Range Ts by 2020 due to it being, as Esposito stated, “so impressed by the overall package”.

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