Puncture-proof Michelin truck tyre could arrive after 2024

George Barrow
June 21, 2019

New truck tyres could be airless if new technology from Michelin is transferred to use in heavy commercial vehicles.

The Michelin Uptis (Unique Puncture-proof Tyre System) was unveiled by Michelin Group CEO Florent Menegaux and executive vice president of research and development Eric Vinesse for use on passenger cars following the announcement of a collaboration with General Motors (GM) ahead of the launch of a prototype by 2024.

A continuation of the Vision Concept tyre first shown in 2017, the Uptis was revealed at the Movin’On 2019 in Montreal and builds on Michelin’s four stated technology principles of being airless, connected, 3D printable and sustainable.

The tyre is said to be made of a unique structure using new “high-technology” materials with rubber components. The central wheel is aluminium and constructed in such a way as to support the airless tyre with “a new generation of reinforcing material” which includes resin embedded fibreglass.

“There are numerous benefits,” said Eric Vinesse. “It brings less stress, more peace of mind from knowing there is no longer the risk of finding yourself stranded from a flat tyre. Greater efficiency and productivity for fleet and commercial vehicles, who no longer have to plan for maintenance and check air pressures.”

Read more in the next issue of Commercial Motor magazine, out 27 June.

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