Rolfo launches new car transporter

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July 31, 2019

Rolfo has launched a new car transporter, which has been designed to cope with ever larger and heavier electric and hybrid vehicles.

Commenting on the EGO 539, which replaces the Italian manufacturer’s EGO 538 model, Unirolfo’s MD, Davide Sobrino, said: “Cars are getting wider and heavier, so we needed to take that into consideration in the development process together with the need for providing a reliable and highly competitive tool. The EGO 539 gives the option of loading 11 large cars, or 12 small cars, with considerable mix loadings and one of the highest payloads in the sector.”

The new transporter utilises a galvanised structure, which reduces the risk of rust and elongates its lifespan. Sobrino explained the focus of Rolfo developments centered around the Total Life costs, and that the EGO 539 with its modular design will appeal to operators who swap their bodies onto new chassis after seven or eight years.

Other new features include duplicating the controls for the lower rear most deck, which are now also located at the rear of the trailer. This gives increased control when pulling in the last car with the rear half-powered ramp, or when adjusting the height of the rear of the trailer.

The vehicle features a new night lighting system with over 30 LEDs fitted to the trailer, improving visibility and safety, while new flex stalk lights reduce the risk of losing an indicator while manoeuvring.

During the launch event, which took place at Mercedes’ Wentworth Park site, the transporter operator demonstrated loading and unloading, using a selection of Vauxhall cars. The process took 30 minutes, which Sobrino claimed was quicker compared to rival transporters.

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