Ryder supplies new DAF drays to Greene King brewery

Colin Barnett
January 30, 2019

Faced with the collapse of one of its truck suppliers, Greene King was helped out of difficulty at short notice by Ryder UK. The 200-year-old Bury St Edmunds brewery, which operates more than 100 vehicles delivering beer to 2,900 outlets nationwide from three DCs, has ordered 20 DAF drays, a mix of 6x2 CFs and 4x2 LFs, with Don-Bur curtainside bodies mounted so the loading floor is at waist height. Greene King DC manager Rob Carter said: “These significantly reduce manual handling risks for our dray drivers when offloading kegs at pubs, restaurants and hotels.” Ryder also agreed a lease and buy-back contract to acquire some of the previous supplier’s vehicles and lease them back to Greene King. Carter added: “What was a tricky time for us was made a lot easier thanks to Ryder.”

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Colin Barnett has been involved in the road transport industry since becoming an apprentice truck mechanic and worked on Commercial Motor for 27 years

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