Scania adds 7-litre engine option to L-series

Colin Barnett
March 9, 2020

Scania has opened the order book for its low-entry L-series fitted with the keenly awaited 7-litre engine. The six-cylinder unit DC-07, actually 6.7 litres in capacity, is available in three ratings of 220hp, 250hp and 280hp, the highest producing 1,200Nm of torque from 1,050rpm.

The unit, developed in conjunction with Scania’s long-standing technology partner Cummins, features Scania’s in-house SCR-only emissions reduction system. Compared with the 9-litre five-cylinder engine range, the 7-litre offers a payload advantage in the region of 360kg. The unit has been available since 2017 in the conventionally-cabbed P-series, where it accounts for 10% of sales.

The new engine application in the L-series give benefits which extend beyond payload, however. It is physically smaller than the 9-litre, allowing a 145mm lowering of the engine tunnel. This in turn allows a lower crew seating position in the centre of the cab, significantly improving interior space.
It also increases the range of L-series variants, which includes three roof heights and a full complement of chassis options, from 4x2 up to the 8x4/4 tridem with electrically steered tag axle.

Scania has also confirmed the availability of the enhanced side detection functions, comprising Blind Spot Warning and Vulnerable Road User Collision Warning, as reported exclusively by Commercial Motor.

Scania’s UK sales director Vincente Connolly said: "The introduction of the 7-litre power unit in our low-datum L-series opens up a wealth of new possibilities for operators seeking a lightweight, economical and flexible solution to their urban transportation needs. With up to 360kg of payload savings, the marriage of our DC-07 with a five-star Direct Vision Standard cab straight from our factory makes for an exciting option for any operator running in towns and cities."

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