Scania introduces new range topping dedicated-gas engine

George Barrow
November 13, 2017


Scania has revealed a new range-topping dedicated gas engine with a touring range of up to 1,000km when configured for use with an LNG-powered tractor unit.

The new 13-litre engine has 410hp on tap and joins Scania’s 280hp and 340hp nine-litre dedicated gas units in the Swedish manufacturer’s line-up.

"With 2,000 Nm torque from 1,100rpm through to 1,400rpm, the new 13-litre gas engine delivers similar performance to comparable diesel engines," said Andrew Jamieson, sales director for Scania (Great Britain).  

When running on biogas, Scania claims carbon dioxide is reduced by as much as 90% compared with a conventional diesel. 

“As such, this new engine will appeal to operators looking to switch to a renewable and sustainable fuel source while reducing their environmental impact without compromising performance," Jamieson said.

The new engine- OC13 101 - can be specified for G- and R-series trucks. This includes 4x2 tractor units, and a range of rigids.  Vehicles can operate on CNG, Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) or LNG.  

In CNG/CBG format, a total of eight gas tanks are fitted.  These are either 95 or 118-litres each, depending on wheelbase and battery position, giving a maximum capacity of 944-litres.  This equates to a range of up to 500km kilometres. 

For LNG tractor units, two tanks provide a capacity of 740-litres and a range of up to 1,000km. LNG rigids can accommodate single or double tanks, according to Scania, giving a capacity of 400-1,100-litres and a maximum range of up to 1,600km.

The new 13-litre engine has been designed to always operate with Opticruise, Scania's fully-automated gear-selection system. Service intervals have been set at 45,000km compared with previous generations of gas engine, which had normal service intervals of 30,000km. 

Last month, Howard Tenens put two 26-tonne rigid dedicated gas vehicles running on CNG on the road. They will be used by Howard Tenens in the Low Emission Freight and Logistics Trial, funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles in partnership with Innovate UK.


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