Scania reveals extra-length R and S cabs

Colin Barnett
April 9, 2023

Scania has introduced a new extended length version of its R and S series cabs. The CR23 and CS23 cabs have an addition 270mm behind the B-pillar.The cabs are built for Scania by its subsidiary, Laxå Special Vehicles, which produces limited production versions such as crew-cabs. So it’s unlikely that they will become a mainstream volume option anytime soon.

Stefan Dorski, head of Scania Trucks, said: “With the introduction of CR23 and CS23, Scania raises the bar for premium trucks even higher. We will blend some of the capabilities from our Scania CrewCab into our premium cabs in the R and S series. By doing that we add generous space that brings extra comfort and opens up for a multitude of creative solutions.

“Scania’s plan is to have these cabs certified with a Whole Vehicle Type Approval in Q4 this year. Some countries will initially have these vehicles certified separately on their respective markets”.

Scania GB hasn't confirmed whether the extended cab will be available to UK operators, but UK sales director Vincente Connolly said "Since the 1960’s Scania has taken great pride in its modular system, and our engineers pay careful attention during the development phase to ensure interfaces are standardised so vehicles can be anything but. The ability to combine components in new and diverse ways allow us to be agile and creative in our thinking. 

"The new CR23 and CS23 cabs show how the modularity in the mindset can be adapted to suit new and varied applications, the cabs improve the volume by circa 13%, offering additional space and comfort for the driver. While they will not suit all transport tasks, applications operating under the overall length thresholds for rigids and articulated variants have the opportunity to take advantage of the volume improvements."

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