Staplehurst Transits buys Schmitz Cargobull trailers

Commercial Motor
July 24, 2018


Fruit and veg distributor Staplehurst Transits has replaced a third of its fleet with Schmitz Cargobull reefers.

The Kent-based company, which regularly collects produce from rural locations, said it chose the trailers in part because of Schmitz Cargobull's Ferroplast panels they're built with.

In addition to the panels' strength and durability, suited to the vehicles' operating environment, if any of them are damaged they can be individually removed and repaired or replaced. 

Darren Goldup, director or Staplehurt Transits, said: “If any of our trailers get damaged, we have to take them off the road for some time to carry out repairs, but with Schmitz Cargobull, we can just replace the panel that needs fixing which takes no time at all.”

The company also specced the trailers with extra buffer protection under the rear doors to give its drivers more confidence reversing into its depot's loading bays.

The family operator runs a fleet of 24 vehicles out of its site in Marden, Tonbridge.


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