Tevva added to list of government grant-eligible electric trucks

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March 15, 2023

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tevva has been added to the list of vehicles that are eligible for the government plug-in truck grant.

Buyers of the British truck maker’s 7.5 tonne battery-electric truck will be able to receive a potential £16,000 discount that will be taken off the purchase price by Tevva.

In order to be eligible for the grant, trucks between 5 tonnes and 12 tonnes must have a CO2 emissions figure of at least 50 percent less than the conventional equivalent vehicle that can carry the same capacity and can travel at least 60 miles with zero tailpipe emissions.

The Tevva 7.5 tonne battery-electric truck has a range of up to up to 140 miles from its 105kWh battery.

It becomes only the third eligible truck to be listed on the government website and the first from a British manufacturer. The grant pays 20% of the purchase price, up to a maximum of £16,000 and follows the recent announcement of Tevva securing European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval for the vehicle.

Tevva Founder and CEO Asher Bennett said: “We know first-hand that demand for electric trucks is growing at speed, as we have been inundated with requests for our 7.5t battery-electric truck since going into full production last month. Now we are able to offer UK organisations a noticeable discount, thanks to the government grant, which will surely make zero emission trucking even more appealing to fleets.”

Tevva’s 7.5t battery-electric truck will be followed by a 7.5t hydrogen-electric truck, which benefits from a hydrogen range-extender that enhances vehicle range to up to 354 miles.

A recent test of the hydrogen-electric truck saw it complete a 620-mile journey between Tevva’s London HQ and the Scottish border at Berwick-on-Tweed.

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