Thompsons side tipper a “genuine step change in specialist tipper operations”

George Barrow
February 20, 2018


Thompsons has revealed details of its 8x4 crane-mounted side tipper – a design that it says offers a “genuine step change in specialist tipper operations”.

The side tipper can eject the whole payload in a single tip, either to the passenger side or the driver side of the vehicle - whereas a conventional grab tipper can only unload from the side - into pavement areas and trenches for example - and with the bucket on the crane carrying approximately a tonne, offloading 15 tonnes of payload takes time.

With the load sliding out over the body’s lowered dropsides, that load can also be placed very accurately. Equally, part - load discharge is also an option, as result of the ease of control of the tipping operation.
Furthermore, the side tipper’s rear mounted crane covers the entire area of the truck behind the cab, reducing the need for the truck to shift its position when taking on loads.

The bodybuilder said the side-tipper was a team effort between Thompsons, LC Vehicle Hire in Leeds and utility maintenance firm T&K Gallagher of Manchester.

Thompsons director Simon Shields said: “It’s not that often that we’re able to introduce an entirely new body into the Thompsons range. Already clear leaders in the tipper grab sector, this latest product again demonstrates our passion and commitment for evolving new products that deliver real operating benefits to our customers.

“And people like what they see - before this new truck has even gone on the road, we’ve got multiple further orders from customers in both north and south England,” Shields added. “We consider this truck offers a genuine step change in specialist tipper operations.”

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