Timothy Taylor's beer kept cool with new DAF CF

George Barrow
January 19, 2021

Timothy Taylor’s brewery has taken delivery of a new 32-tonne DAF curtainsider to keep its beer cool in transport.

The CF will work alongside two 2018 Scania curtainsiders, an 18-tonner and a 26-tonner, which have also been equipped with similar Carrier Transicold cooling units.

The new truck will make nationwide deliveries five days a week from Keighley, Yorkshire, which has been home to the brewery since 1858.

“We produce traditional, cask-conditioned beer, so it’s imperative it’s transported at exactly the right temperature – we effectively need to create a pub cellar on wheels,” said Paul Marklew, Timothy Taylor’s transport manager.

“External conditions can have such a huge impact on the beer inside the casks; we have to be confident the refrigeration systems are up to the task. Once we’d experienced how Carrier’s products performed, we’ve not looked back.”

Cask beers need to be maintained at an ideal 10 to 12 Celsius which is why they chose a Carrier Transicold Supra 1150 unit which has a fast pull-down and can accurately maintain the temperature across the length of the trailer even when the curtains are being repeatedly opened.

“We can always rely on the fridges to hit the temperature sweet spot inside the trucks and trailers quickly and efficiently. As an added bonus, all of our Carrier systems are also extremely fuel efficient, which helps us maintain a cost-effective delivery operation,” adds Marklew.

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