Trakm8 adding advanced driver assistance systems to its RH600 telematics camera

George Barrow
April 30, 2019

Already in use with fleets including Iceland Foods and Calor Gas, Trakm8 (5E92) is adding advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to its RH600 telematics camera, which include the ability to monitor distracted driving or driver drowsiness.

This means that if the driver looks away for a few seconds the RH600 will issue an audible alert. The device can also send footage of the incident to the fleet manager. Trakm8 is then able to factor these events into driver scoring.

Trakm8 is also launching new camera and sensor bundles, designed to meet the recently-revised FORS silver standard, and is rolling out its Insight telematics platform. Insight is a customisable web-based system which enables fleet managers to quickly and easily focus on the issues which matter to them the most.

The company is also launching Trakm8 Prime is the UK’s first fully online vehicle tracking solution. Customers can order from the Trakm8 website, receive the devices the next day, install the units themselves, and be up and running in minutes.

Trakm8 is highlighting its new 30-day rolling contract for Prime at the show, and it has also introduced lower pricing, which is now available from £6.99 per device per month. It has developed a new Fleet Manager app to meet demand from larger customers.

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