Tudor Services switches to general haulage to combat events business downturn

George Barrow
February 4, 2021

Bristol-based events transporter Tudor Services has adapted to the difficulties faced by the entertainment industry and began temporarily operating as a general goods haulier.

The effects of Coronavirus on the corporate events and entertainment industry spelt problems for their workload, but having recently acquired a new Mega Dry Liner box trailer from Krone, the Tudor Services has began transporting loads to and from the continent.

“The pandemic created a massive hole in our traditional business,” says Luke Power-Hippisley, Tudor Services transport manager.  “Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we immediately looked for new opportunities suited to the secure and high-volume capabilities of our trailer fleet. The virus has caused the entertainments business to evaporate and then Brexit red tape followed up, to slow everything down. However, because many foreign hauliers are reluctant to come over to the UK for fear of encountering problems on return journeys, we have seen some price hardening and a gradual increase in work two and from abroad”

Tudor Services are now running regular routes across Europe, carrying anything from horse food and hay to furniture. Rather than be put off by the fears and problems surrounding new Brexit regulations, the business looked to tackle them head on, explains Power-Hippisley.

“As we had the foresight to gear-up with a customs broker, we are able to quickly deal with the new administration and provide a relatively fast and uninterrupted service in both directions. During difficult times like these our advice is to seek out new opportunities and make sure your trailers are versatile and dependable enough to carry virtually any load.”

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