Uncertainty could lead to rise in tyre prices

Steve Hobson
April 27, 2017


Tyre prices could rise further this year as the cost of raw material, especially natural rubber, remains high, Goodyear Dunlop UK commercial director Marc Preedy warned. 

Commodity prices spiked by approximately 25% in January, and while they have since eased, higher costs have yet to filter through the supply chain.

“The pain is easing a little now, but we buy six months in advance so this year will remain challenging for all tyre manufacturers,” Preedy said. “We have seen some imported budget tyres increase in price by 25%, so we are at last seeing some sensible behaviour at the lower end of the market.”

UK tyre prices have been given an added twist with the devaluation of the pound following the Brexit vote.

But despite higher prices, Preedy reassured operators there was no danger of a return to the tyre shortages that plagued the industry a decade ago.

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