Vaculug adds A-rated re-tread tyre to range

George Barrow
July 21, 2021

Vaculug has launched the world’s first “A” rated re-tread tyre.

The KT01 will join Vaculug’s range of Kinetik re-tread tyres and is said to have been verified to have a lower coefficient of rolling resistance than is required for a new “A” rated tyre, after extensive testing was carried out in Spain.

The KT01 has a special blend of silica in the tread to improve rolling resistance without a detrimental effect on longevity and was was rated on its fuel efficiency by a major new tyre manufacturer prior to its testing at the Idiada proving ground near Barcelona.

A statement by Vaculug said: “We are excited to say that the world's first and only "A" rated retreaded tyre has been developed by a British company in the UK. This tyre was fully developed by our internal R& D team in Grantham. We set a goal of developing a retread that was as good as the best fuel-efficient new tyres on the market and we're proud to say that we have beaten this milestone.”

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