Video: Millers Recovery FH 25 is a thing of beauty

George Barrow
March 2, 2020

Millers Recovery has taken delivery of a very special Volvo FH to celebrate its anniversary.

The Volvo "FH 25" is an FH16 750 but is something of a one-off as it is not only plated at 250-tonnes but operates with a twin steer tridem axle with two 10-tonne front axles, an Estepe 10-tonne lifting pusher in the middle and two 16-tonne axles forming a 32-tonne double-drive bogie at the rear.

And the special edition 25th Anniversary FH is crammed with extras as well. “It’s pretty much as high a spec as you can get,” Thomas Hardie Commercials salesman Neil Crook said.

Along with Xenon lighting, it also has I-Shift with crawler gears. The ratio in the lowest of the two crawler gears is 32:1, twice as slow as a standard I-Shift.

The two additional gears make it possible to start from standstill with loads of up to 325 tonnes.

“Millers also opted for Volvo Dynamic Steering, which gives the truck perfect stability at high speeds and massively increased control at low speeds,” Crook added.
The FH16 750 is equipped with a computer-controlled 50-tonne Boniface-fitted Century 1150 rotator, front sidewinder legs, and SDU under-lift. The FH tips the scales at 30 tonnes.

The FH's driver Simon Dawson explained: “To put the rig’s proficiency into context, an artic on its side would require only half the wrecker’s available capacity to pull it back onto its wheels.”

Watch the video below to find out more about this one-of-a-kind Volvo.

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