Vital EV add new Kempower 1000v and 400kW chargers to range

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July 31, 2022

New 1000v and 400kW variants of Vital EV’s award-winning Kempower EV chargers will be available to order from Q3 2022.

Developed to meet the electric vehicle industry’s progression towards higher voltage batteries capable of taking a faster charge, the new models build on Vital’s existing range by delivering faster charging specifically for trucks and buses where the energy consumption is greater and charging opportunites are short and less frequent.

Vital EV’s hub-and-spoke EV charging solution consists of the C-Series centralised power unit (CPU) and the S-Series satellite charging posts.

The new models uses liquid-cooled cables for the increased current and is said to be able to charge a conventional electric truck with a 260kWh battery in less than 30 minutes, taking its battery from 10% to 80% charge.

In addition to the new 400kW S-Series, all of Vital EV’s range of chargers – which spans from the T-Series mobile charger to pantographs and down-arm systems – will be available in 1000v variants to charge the increasing number of higher-voltage vehicles expected to hit the roads.

Liam Campbell, marketing manager at Vital EV, said: “The EV sector is evolving fast and

launching the 1000v and 400kW chargers demonstrates Vital EV’s position as market leaders and our proactive approach to offering solutions ahead of the demand. Both models are crucial to reducing charging times, which is particularly beneficial to vehicles with larger batteries like heavy-duty commercial vehicles”.

When multiple charging sessions are in operation, the system’s Dynamic Power Management can allocate charging power to where it is needed most to further reduce charging times and make best-use of the grid supply.

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