Volta Trucks shows inner workings

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June 6, 2024

Volta Trucks is displaying an unbodied version of its 16-tonne Zero battery electric truck in hall 2 of Road Transport Expo.

“Previously we used to show a box-bodied truck, but everything was covered, and some people would walk by,” explains Sathya Babu, director of chassis and vehicle integration. “But now they are able to see exactly how it’s configured.”

Of particular interest are the centrally mounted batteries, which are located between the chassis rails. This, according to Babu, not only makes the vehicle safer in the event of a side impact but enhances weight balance and stability too.

Volta, which currently has its first 50 trucks in production at Steyr Automotive’s Austrian factory, will no longer be building bodies. Baba says the decision to supply chassis cabs only gives it the flexibility to offer different body options. “We recently did a refuse truck conversion,” he reveals.

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