Volvo beefs up FE range with more power and uprated front axle

Colin Barnett
June 30, 2017


Volvo’s middleweight FE models have been beefed up, with the introduction of a 350hp engine rating and a 9-tonne capacity front axle.

The FE range comprises 4x4, 6x2 and 6x4 rigids, as well as a lightweight 4x2 tractor suited to urban and regional duties.

The new D8K350 engine complements the existing range of 250hp, 280hp and 320hp ratings. The 7.7-litre unit delivers 346hp at 2,650rpm and 1,400Nm of torque at 1,200rpm to 1,600rpm, with cooled EGR and SCR emissions reduction.

An alternative fuel version certified to run on hydrotreated vegetable oil is also available, as is an optional 600Nm PTO on the rear of the engine block.

Transmission options are the automated 12-speed I-Shift or an automatic 6-speed Allison.

The new axle is intended to benefit 26-tonne 6x2 rigid versions on multi-drop distribution duties, where diminishing loads can result in front axle overloads.

Other applications such as tippers and refuse trucks can also benefit from the increased flexibility.

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